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Item stack muliplier on console

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From the patch notes:



Added [ServerSettings] ItemStackSizeMultiplier to allow increasing or decreasing item stack size

Added [/Script/ShooterGame.ShooterGameMode] ConfigOverrideItemMaxQuantity to allow manually overriding item stack size on a per-item basis


The headings are in brackets, telling you where in the ini file the code goes. I think you probably need a server with ini access.

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4 hours ago, Spectratech said:

Xbox single player here trying to figure out how to use the new item stack multiplier. Doesnt appear in any of the settings so i assume its a command. Anybody know how to do this?


3 hours ago, ArkJosh247 said:

Just made a post yesterday asking the same question and still haven't got any help. Really wish i could up the stack size lol

It’s a PC only configuration, just like the other 100 things you can’t do on console. Only the most desirable/requested settings get added to console but just know that these new settings are experimental and have no chance at coming just yet. Also, only the stack multiplier setting could ever come as the config overide for individual items would still require a PC.

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