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I have had nothing but a pain trying to get anything UWP to stay open on a VM (Using KVM, that's a kernalized virtual machine, not Keyboard Video and Mouse). I believe I have finally resolved the issue and I wanted to share how I got the server to stay up without crashing so far.  Maybe these things will be helpful to you as well.


  • You MUST turn on Windows Firewall for the TOLEDO service to communicate correctly. There is no exception for this.
  • ABSOLUTELY make sure you SERVER CONNECTIVITY says CONNECTED. Anything else and people won't be able to connectt
    You can find this under the XBOX APP > PROFILE > SETTINGS  > NETWORK.
    If you have a different message other than "Server connectivity: Connected" there should be a Microsoft link you can follow to show important information that worked for me.
  • Here are all the ports I had to open on my firewall, these get forwarded directly to the ARK WIN10 SERVER Ip address. Notice some are for ARK and some are for XBOX LIVE
  • IF YOU EXPERIENCE CRASHING, check the event viewer.  UWP (WIN10) APPS  (that go through the microsoft store) have a HUGE problem in that they crash or BSOD without much information. I spent HOURS of research and techniques to try and resolve this and I believe I finally have the fix.
    ... If the event viewer shows the following, this is where there are thousands of pages for 2+ years of people complaining about any UWP game and Microsoft has done near NOTHING to fix it.
    ... The issue above will have you driving to the mad house because it's 1) a BETA product in production and 2) not very useful. The 3 most common things to resolve this issue are listed below

    1 ... Make sure you are signing into the computer with your XBOX LIVE Silver/Gold account (if on a family account, sign in with a family member if that's what you are using to host the ARK SERVER)
    2 ... (before doing this make sure you back up your registry, if you don't know how you probably shouldn't make this change) Remove all entries EXCEPT for Microsoft Software Shadow Copy Provider 1.0 in COMPUTER/HLMK/SYSTEM/CURRENTCONTROLSET/SERVICES/VSS/PROVIDERS and then restart the computer (a MUST)
    Above is a picture of my "cleaned" registry entry

    3... (This is the one that worked for me) TURN OFF PAGE FILES. Since I am using a virtual machine vRAM and vDISK aren't real (the v stands for virtual).  However WIN10 doesn't know the difference.  Part of the job of EseDiskFlushConsistency is to move pagefile.sys to your actual RAM.
    START > RUN > sysdm.cpl > Advanced > performance settings > advanced > virtual memory > change > select "No Paging File" > restart computer
    NOTE IF YOU HAVE A BAD RAM MODULE, the problem may still occur.
    4... If you are STILL having crashes associated with EseDiskFlushConsistency I recommend turning off indexing / windows search (the following services)
    START >RUN > services.msc > Windows Search (set to disabled and stop the service) and same for Superfetch service
    5... And if all else fails, open THIS PC > Right click on the drive where ARK is installed (C: in my case) and turn off "Allow files on this drive to have contents indexed in addition to file properties" (this will take a long time to apply depending on the size of your drive

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