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console Console Functionality Wishlist

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As the title suggests, this is going to be a list of things I/we would like to see as options/functionality for hosting custom servers for console. If we can keep everything in one place, we might actually get someone's attention; so, if you have suggestions I will add them to the body of this post. I'm going to break this down categorically, so this is probably going to be a long post:
Administrative Functionality
  1. Admin Listing (Nitrado is working on this, but it requires some work from WC): the ability to assign people as admins, like on PDS, rather than giving them a password
  2. Enable player list functionality outside of spectator, with one-click teleportation to active players (Ctrl+n on PC while in spectator)
  3. Admin role management: tiered role system, similar to tribe roles, where the use of specific commands can be allowed or disallowed
  4. Server statistics tracking: players/dinos killed, dinos tamed/bred, resources harvested, and so on
    1. it would be nice to table and filter this, so perhaps adding this to a separate log file would be easier
      1. server logs are purged on shutdown, so this would need to persist in order to be of any value
  5. Map overlay displaying locations of player made structures
    1. within a specific radius
    2. displayed as color-coded pins
  6. TeleportPlayerToMe/TeleportPlayerToCoords
    1. Pretty self-explanatory, but it would be nice to, at a minimum, have the ability to teleport players to admins; you know, for when they get stuck in solid objects we can't get them out of manually
    2. The second option is sort of a selfish one for me, as I'd like to have the ability to teleport griefers on my server over lava. Yes, yes I am sadistic.
  7. Admin-only structures:
    1. Many of us who run custom servers build community structures, and those structures need to be accessible by our admin teams. In order to do this, since many if not most of us do not have all of our admins in the same tribe, we are required to force join the tribes owning these structures. This creates issues which have led to randomly spawning in to being forced into a tribe we never touched, owning a tribe we never touched, the inability to rejoin our own tribes, and so on. A simple solution is to be able to designate specific structures as being 'owned' by the server admins.
Cluster Functionality
  1. Toggle option for permitting the transfer of Element and Tribute items (there is no real point in having these transfers disabled on PvE clusters or custom servers)
I will add more as I think of it, or as you fine folks make suggestions.
'Why don't you just make a mod?'I play the game on an Xbox, some of this actually requires WC, and there is no guarantee that console players would be able to use the mod we would spend months building. If WC wants to give us the thumbs up, we'll start learning and building immediately.
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As PS4 player. I would love the abbilities mentioned above.

4 things i like to add.

1 make it possible to set custom timers on objects. In server settings.

The taxidermy bases can be demo after 4 days allready. People on our pve and especially me like to see this.

2 Enable on pve that if unlocked. People can use the manual turret n rocket buildings. For using during events on unofticial pve

3 option in showmyadminmanager to teleport to a player(or teleport player to you)

4 smaller teleporters for just survivers. Also for events and handy now cryo can be used.


Keep up the hard work. Love to see reaction or another roadmap for this year goals.. 

We have a active community  on PS4 with over 1000 members.

ARK ps4 thenew50Xboosted

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