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Unique Ways of Killing Titan

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Hello all. I have managed to kill a handful of titans. I do this with a decent level giga that is fully imprinted and has an ascendant saddle. I’m wondering if there are any outside of the box ways to kill a titan. I saw a video of somebody carrying their otter with a griffin and killing a titan. Seems like it would take forever.  

Has anybody used a platform saddle to take down a titan?  I play single player so I don’t have to worry about different server rules about boxes. I’m currently raising a bronto and plan to later tame some paracers. Would it be feasible to create a saddle build to take down a titan?  If a turret took down a titan who gets the xp?  Has anybody ever taken down a titan with a rex or spino with an ascendant saddle?

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I know the best, fastest and most horrific way to kill a Titanosaur.

Trick it into eating some of my cooking irl.

I say "trick it" because even a dinosaur isn't that stupid. :)

I tried selling the engram for my recipes but it didn't go over so well. I sold one and someone made a batch and wiped out an entire server.

They only wanted you to think they were wiping underpopulated servers. It was actually my cooking. :(



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1 hour ago, gorefangs said:



We can make stim berry narco Choco long grass rolls with unicorn poop frosting and trick the titanosaur into eating them....

Posh. That'll take at least several minutes to kill it.

My cooking? About 5 seconds. :D


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Hmm. Cover my cooking in bile and poop to make it seem more edible? There might just be something to tha.....


*Guys in black suits rush in*


"Wha..? Why? Huh?


"What am I being...?"


"Try to wipe out the human race, will you?"

"Headquarters, this is Strike One."

"Go ahead Strike One."

"Roger. Target down. World safe."

"Good work Strike One. Proceed to next target."

"Copy Headquarters."




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