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Heavy mass transfers via Transmitters

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I understand the necessity of the transmitter/obelisk timers, as the asynchronous series of actions of uploading an item to a database, getting a confirmation, deleting the item from player inventory etc can be ripe for duplicating otherwise. If this timer solution is the only current viable option, can we have some form of workaround to enable the players to load the transmitter with numerous heavy items without the necessity of holding them all in their inventory concurrently?

The current experience for transferring the max allowed 50 stacks of, say, metal ingots out of Aberration involves taking the items to the transmitter, carefully throwing them on the ground off tame inventories, picking them up by hand & by whip to bypass the max player weight, and waiting patiently with a completely immobile character. This emergent method can hardly be intended gameplay from a design perspective.

How about creating an inventory tab within transmitters, akin to Tribute tab but only accessible by the player, where items can be pre-stored regardless of their timer, and uploaded either automatically or manually once the timers on them expire? This would allow us to load the items up properly with parcels within the carry limits without resorting to clumsy tactics.

If I misunderstood the process, or if there are any better options that occur to anyone, criticize away.

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I'm not sure how it is implemented currently, or their design decisions. But that may not necessarily eliminate the issue. I think it comes down to the need of an atomic transaction, such as in banking. 

It can be solved through the other approach of course, which I think you include in your suggestion indirectly: once you put it in, there is no changing your mind or taking it out, at least until the timer is done. That way, you can't game the system to have the destination send the receipt but pull back before your end can receive it and delete the original.

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