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pvp Creating a new cluster. ideas?

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Some friends and I are looking for a PvP server for the upcomming Kibble rework/S+ integration patch. We don't really look for any particular mods. S+ is awesome for QoL features and bigger stacks/easy transfer of items is among awesome!

In terms of server stats we agree that standard XP is more than enough. Double XP weekends are fine, but more than that ruins the leveling experience (For us). Taming should be x2 or x3 to still allow for some challenging tames, while maturation and the likes can be boosted some more as that just takes waaaay to long.

We think that gather should remain x1, but ressource content should be doubled if anything. That way you won't clear massive amount of forests etc.

That is about it for the basics I think. It's hard to find a cluster with such settings, but we are not giving up :)

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