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pvp NeoArk(Server wipe today at 5pm CST)2/7/19 (HungerGames)

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Neo Genesis Ark(Xbox/Pc Server)

Hello my future friends,

We are a tight-nit server. Most decisions are made by the server through votes, In this server you have a say. My goal for this server is to provide a place to let loose and just blow off some steam. Even if something as unfortunate as you getting raided happens, It is very easy to build back up, Stronger! If you need a little extra kick to start because you are short on time, that's okay because we have an admin store. As time goes by,the server will only get better. I'm looking to grow and Become everyone's favorite place to go. Thank you for taking the time to look at this post :) . In the reply section I will have people from our cluster vouch for my words. So if you don't trust me listen to them.


Current Cluster maps


  • Ragnarok: 50 Slot
  • Center: 32 Slot
  • Extinction: 32 Slot
  • Aberration: 20 Slot
  • Island: 20 slot
  • Event island/PTS: 20 slot

Server Stats

  • 8x Gather rate
  • Easy craft
  • Insta Level For tames and Survivors 
  • 220x Maturation speed(About 1 hour 20 minutes for a giga
  • 1000x Hatch speed
  • 5.5x Turret damage 
  • 15x Crop growth
  • Max wild dino 150(Tek 180)
  • Fuel last 10x longer
  • 500 Turret cap limit
  • 15 Member tribe limit
  • 4 Hour breed wait time
  • Modded drops
  • Modded Beaver dams
  • Cave damage 10x

Survivor Stats(Per Level)

HP - 25

Stam - 30

Oxygen - 100000

Weight - 100000

Speed - 4.5

Melee - 20

Crafting Skill - 500

Fortitude - 25

Dino stats

Hp and stamina are raised. 


Server Rules

  • No Meshing
  • No building in mesh
  • No building in crouch caves
  • No Heavy racism 
  • Brontosaurs Banned
  • No Breaking any event rules

For anymore info, please refer to our discord we are already 80+ strong.

Discord Link


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