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What is your faverotie animal in ARK??

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Well, as my profile picture may say, for me it’s the dimorphodon. They’re so cute and unassuming, but I’m using my Extinction flock to wipe out corrupted gigas, wyverns and everything else.

All but two of my best Ark memories is some sort of experience I’ve had with my hunting flocks. From the first hunt to betting it all on fifty dimorphodons in the Tek Cave - and winning - it was the dimorphodon that made me fall in love with Ark.

When I started in the first days of Xbox EA, everything was so daunting. My first dimorphodon’s name was Hermès. And I wanted him only because he was the cutest thing I’d ever seen. But after he was mine I did my research, learned what his utility was, and a path forward in Ark was revealed to me.

Thousands of hours and three platforms later they’re still my favorite. Ultimately my love for them drew me to a local exhibit specifically because they had a dimorphodon...where I took my profile picture.

And I’ll also give a notable mention to my favorite non-dinosaur, which is of course my wyverns.

If you were to pay me a visit in any of my games you’d find yourself surrounded by hundreds of dimorphodons and dozens of wyverns.

And between those two there is absolutely nothing I can’t bring down.

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They each serve their purpose, and I love all of mine for different reasons (I'd be lost without my Wyverns), but I've always had a soft spot for the Lystrosaurus. I refer to them as "Dino-puppies" and keep little herds of them in each of my Dino barns/pens - they're adorable and their XP buff is helpful too... but mostly they're just adorable. 

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Considering my recent itch for Ragnarok, it would have to be the Griffin. I've had no more fun than soaring through the skies on the back of such a majestic creature. When I get bored of the flapping wings, nothing beats the rush of a nosedive straight for the ground, only to pull up at the last second for that massive speed boost. I could only imagine the looks on the faces of those dinosaurs when I shoot past them like a bullet. All of this is not mentioning that the Griffin can also be a formidable war mount with its dive attacks and rider weaponry.

...all of this talk gives me a sudden urge to go transfer to Ragnarok and snatch one up...

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Baryonyx. You can use it for pretty much everything. 

Wanna do a cave? Come with a baryonyx

Wanna do some underwater exploring? Go with a bary.

Wanna tame a carnivore, but you are afraid, that your dino eats all the meat? Go with a Bary, its a piscivore. It doesnt eat meat.

Or you just want a good mount that is fast, can jump, has good stats and is good for swimming? Tame a Baryonyx.

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Rex is my favorite, was disappointed that it was not included in Abberation. (most likely why i dislike that expasion with the addition to lack of flying.... gliding is not a good substitute. but yeah my personal tastes there) 

But yeah Rex is my favorite. Good balance on stats, easy to breed. Mind boggling climber..... (those things can walk up almost cliffs but for some reason get stuck on pretty much the tiniest pebble.) Crappy swimmer, but.... i hate the ocean so there is that. 

Ive also never had a rex just leave me when i dismounted either. ive had gigas and spinos run off to go chase something.


So yeah TLDR The REX is my Favorite animal on Ark. 

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Hands down - the Spino. 

Get a good raised one and they are unstoppable. Turning on the spot and the speed they can get up to (especially with the water boost) is brilliant. But why stop at the waters edge? Jump in and take on the whole ocean! 

They are a lot better at hitting Dimophrodons. When on a Rex, I used to get bothered when a flock would attack, but the spino takes care of them fast. 

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Being passionate abut dinosaurs & extinct fauna, Ark was my dream game & I've over 20yrs of gaming experience in 500+ titles. That being said, my all time favorite dinosaur & favorite animal in Ark is none other than:



You may know of him as Allosaurus.


It has distinctly 2 subspecies, Allosaurus fragilis(9m) & the rarer big dude Allosaurus maximus aka Saurophaganax (13m, yeah, thats longer than a T-Rex).

Just look at this beautiful creature. It's archetypal Dinosaur. Roamed Jurassic in 150 MYA, hunted in packs like a Lion, was highly intelligent & good coordination like a Wolf & was the biggest Apex predator of the Jurassic era(like a Siberian Tiger). Torvosaurus, the runner up was actually smaller than maximus but larger than fragilis.

Anyway, in Ark, I love it because:

  1. It is super fast. You can't run from an Allo unless your movement speed is close to 130%.
  2. Most powerful creature with a pack bonus.
  3. With the Alpha buff, 3-4 high level Allos can wreck a Giga with their Gnash ability.
  4. Fast attack rate & knockback, good against all kinds of Dino except a Titan(ofcourse LOL).
  5. It & the Theri are reliable mounts for Boss Fights. It doesn't suffer the horrible turn radius of Rex too.
  6. Looks cool, nice voice & beautiful grin.

My 2nd fav creature in Ark will be the Argentavis, coz its simply the definitive animal of Ark. This is because:

Battle Bird,
Pack Mule,
Transport of utility animals like Anky/Doed/Beaver/Megaloceros etc,
Alpha Dino killer,
etc etc

I actually have a fighter squadron of 4 Argys: 3 power levelled to weight & 1 power levelled to melee & stamina. And aside from Giga & Titan, everything is fairly easy game incl Alpha Rex. Also, my Quetzal is retired for museum duty.

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