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Community Crunch 166: Console Patch, Server Maintenance, and Wildcard Workshop 21!


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On 1/29/2019 at 5:34 AM, Vincenta13 said:

thanks you WC for this big patch! Hope you do a 2nd big patch with BLOOM OPTION, or fixe the light :) and TLC3, peace WC ❤️

If wc's intention was to make stuff prettier... meh.  If their intention was to blind me every time I gain altitude on my griffin ... Well Done!

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When you say fix for this person veiw....I hope you don't mean remove it?! Why would you?

Also Ragnarok 63 had been terrible the play on since game pass. Could you please do something about the connecting players causing lag, the Blue ob and other DC issues? To guys are great, it's just that the joy is being sucked right out of the map for those reasons ?

Also Pretty please make it so bugs can breed? ESPECIALLY since Primal survival is not even mentioned anymore. The reasons to have was it wasn't realistic life cycle..... Who cares?! What is in ARK? I want baby spiders, mantis, and scorpions!!!


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