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Okay! So far this fix is for Windows 10. Specifically, in my case, I had two PCs with two copies of ARK: Survival Evolved(Vanilla, no mods, expansions, etc.), everything was done fairly and properly, but I could NOT get one PC to connect to the other's Non-Dedicated server! I would simply get a loading screen, occasionally a PrimaalGameData_BP on the bottom left corner and then a "Join failed." So after four whole days of nothing but coming home and trying to fix it, looking at the game and trying everything INCLUDING multiple reinstalls (about 7 on both PCs for a 80 GB game for a grand total of ~1120 GB reinstalled. Yes, almost an ENTIRE TERABYTE.), I finally figure the answer. And yes, it was in my face the whole time, hidden behind things that seemed minuscule.

Apparently ARK: Survival Evolved will only use IPv4, instead of IPv6, which your Internet connection naturally gives both of when you connect to it. Why does this matter? Well because most applications use both, but ARK: Survival Evolved apparently only utilizes IPv4! I believe this may be in part to something with the Console version not having IPv6, but I'm not well endowed into that topic so I'll stay out of it. In order to bypass this, on Windows 10 at least, you have to set your internet connectivity to PREFER IPv4. How do you do that? Follow the link below.

So to clarify, this so far has only worked for Windows 10 64-Bit, on the Microsoft Store version of the game.

1. Go to this link https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/help/929852/guidance-for-configuring-ipv6-in-windows-for-advanced-users

2. scroll down to the section "Prefer IPv4 over IPv6 in prefix policies"

3. Click the Download button in the box, the file should be something along the lines of "MicrosoftEasyFix20166.mini.diagcab" <-That's what it was for me, could be something slightly different.

4. Run the installer on BOTH PCs (I do not know if it works if simply the Host or the Client downloads it and not the other, but I wanted to be safe. You should too.)

5. Run the game. If it works, the Client PC should be able to connect to the Non-Dedicated Host PC.


I hope this helps you guys out, it sure did for me. All that trouble because devs don't put in an error code.?

If this is in the wrong thread I am sorry, I just wanted to get the news out there ASAP.

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