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Report of official server - wildcard

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Official Server The Island 26 

GothRaga [DPE]


We have been experiencing severe lag and rubberbanding for 2 weeks+ also Frequent Disconnects. Each Patch Since about oct 2018 has Worsened the lag. Ping has remained under 75. Player count is between 27 to 3 with an average of about 10 people at any time. I have not seen evidence of the Alpha tribe or any other is Under Meshing.

291.100 Has rendered the game more unresponsive. there is a noticeable delay between Keystroke and game response of up to 2 seconds.  

The wild Dino's AI is also not working & aggro mechanics are glitching. Dinos will be fighting each other, a Lag spike will hit they will stop fighting, start milling about for a moment and then appear, next to, behind, Or more horrifyingly inside of players/Saddled dinos. RIP Speedy3 and 4. Auto Fallow is also experiencing issues, Example. My Baryonyx will be Following my stego, at walking speed the Faster dino will Jump past and run on about 200 yards ahead in some cases, stop wait a sec, and start running back. This can have the effect of Aggroing large groups of Wild dinos as he runs back, RIP speedy1-2. This happens on passive and Attack my target Stance.

Plant X seems to be having trouble seeing wild dinos (all Target, High Range) unless the Wild dino has been in range for 1-2 seconds. Also when Plant X runs out of poo the crop plots have been breaking. they make a breaking sound but leave no Tribe message. 

In caves, the Snakes will go invisible if you get far enough away from them, They reappear when you step on them. At that moment you will be inflicted with Several Stacks of Torp bites and go down within 1-5 sec. I have only seen cave snakes do this. the Swamp ones seem to be ok.


I offer this in the Hope you can make ark great again.

Much Respect 






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