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pvp Ragnarok X - Relaxed PVP Boosted 4-8x :: No ORP, No Rules :: Cluster

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Ragnorak X

Rag X - Xbox ONE Cross Platform PvP (Clustered with Abberation and Extinction)

How to join: Click Here


Ragnarok X, or Rag X for short, is a PvP Nitrado hosted Xbox ONE server. It is cross platform so PC players are welcome to join. Rag X is a pure PVP server. There are no Rules. There is no Offline Raid Protection. And there are no hand-me-out starter kits. It's pure Ark PVP. That's not to say that if you become a bandit tribe (which you absolutely can) that you won't be attacked for picking on the new/little tribes :P


Rag X Stats

XP - 5x

Harvest - 5x

Taming - 6x

Breeding - 5x

Hatching - 6x

Mature - 6x

Player stats are only slightly boosted.


Our Website

What is Ragnarok X


Feel free to message me personally with any questions either on this website or on Xbox ONE by messaging PhantomxReborn. You can also contact CrimsonBlade254 on Xbox if I do not get back to you quick enough.


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