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Lost Everithing while tranfering

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Dont panic, there IS gonna be rollback. Since ARK launch every time I've been affected by a bug (tek cave volcano volume insta killing tames, meteors destroying tames and bases, etc) there has no

Zzz fix one thing they break five others 

All I saw was a red banner when I logged on. My first reaction was *gulp* "what did I do?"???

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Just now, Giorgino87 said:

I can't see what is in the file, but afetr losing my inventory my file become 1MB, while, if no item is loaded in the ark, it is usually around 60kb. So my guess is that all my items are there, just hidden

Most likely/hopefully a pathing issue then but that wouldn't take an hour to fix. If the stuff is there i doubt we will get a rollback.

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10 minutes ago, JamesBean said:

As to this... it's entirely likely their primary beta branch is a single server without transfers available or happening, and so nobody tested this on the new build.  I guarantee you they go to a test branch before going live.  I just don't know how robust the test servers are, or how much they are hit by testing players.  

Very likely the case, and it makes me wonder if they ever test transfers internally before patches go live. Maybe it's just dumb luck that transfers have worked without many problems until now?

This realization is frightening, because what else do they not test? How much content is implemented "from the hip," with devs crossing their fingers every time a patch goes live?

I guess we'll find out soon just how bad they effed up this time; from their twitter:


 3 minutes ago
Sorry for the false alarm, survivors! It appears this was just a visual issue due to a fix this latest patch and all is well. Official servers are now going back up.


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Same ! i lose everything i have on PS4 but in solo... lose all my craft and dinos in obelisk, and all dino/notes are close now, but i open all note on the island and scorched with my perso, and now 0 note open.

but no patch, just open transfert to extinction.. Rollback is possible in solo? i dont think so ?

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27 minutes ago, WillowLynn said:

I don't understand why anyone in their right mind would transfer after a update to begin with..

yo guy i'am in solo, not uptade for me on PS4, just openning transfert, and i'am on SOLO... so  its a bug!! i lose all my dinos and craft stock in obelisk

Okay its solo, so admin cheat.. BUT its sadly to lose all! and i dont like use cheat! and i have a TREX mutation

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12 hours ago, Saupe said:

It was hard to track element vein destruction, and rollbacks would have had to be substantial screwing a lot more people in the process.

A bug they created that came into effect an hour ago however, it is easy to identify when it happened. At most they will have to restore the backups created before the last major patch (like 2 hours ago).

See, no rollback 

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I had it on the update day. PS4. 

Lost 10 imprinted giga and About 10 other dino in cryo. And stuff but that is recraftable anyway.

Timer finished , used transmitter , selected server and pressed join. 

Screen like hud etc freezes and leave you in server. Options menu work. Only thing you can do it close game or leave the server in the menu. 


After that you join the Desired server and you need to download your character. 

All stuff gone.


Tried again 1h later with other stuff. Worked fine. Third time also.  


Fourt time.

same Issue. Freeze. Now i do not join the desired server but rejoin which i was leaving and same poop. Download perso HD to select this and all stuff gone.



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