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Don't forget us, we pay and play too! (Prim+)

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We play on prim+ official, we have a small but good community, most of us are immigrants from official primitive after they shut it down.

We have alot of bugs, unbearable bugs and it is extremely hard to get a fix on theese bugs, we really feel like the devs have forgotten about us. I will list only top 3 bugs that really ruins our experience of the game and see if there will be any difference in posting it here.

1. We cannot make rock-drake saddles, there is no BP for it or engram, we have tried everything.

2. We cannot make kibbles from light-dinos, leaving all our imprinting totally RNG, sometimes we can get 20% imprint or max 60%, this is really frustrating when you finally found your 150 reaper.

3. Tek stego's are non-existent in most of our maps, they are "there" but they are not, they are almost invisible to melee damage and bullets, this causes alot of exploits on our cluster.

I like Abberation, I really do, but conquering the challenges without any tek-items, and then get rewarded with bugs is extremely frustrating. For us, the most frustrating part is that it's been a year, and no matter how much we ask for help, nothing is happening. Even though this might take a while for you to fix, please make some quick fixes if possible, maby give us tempoary bp's and kibbles or something, we have waited too long. I see alot of theese bugs are from tek-servers too, but you fixed them a long time ago, you just forgot about us, just like you did in this santa-claus event, we got the wait-time and the server restart's but not the event itself

Thank you for reading


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Found this along with tons of other posts in the forum, I have not gotten in to details of all the bugs, but this sums up most of it.





1. Industrial forge doesn't make glass is it a bug or intended ?
2. I have a climbing pick engram, but can't find it where to craft all building don't show it.
3. Can't cook mushroom stew nowhere, do I need a recipe or ? I've put the ingredients but nothing happens.
4. Why don't we have an rock drake saddle engram ?????
5. Why don't we have the attachment to go up zip lines? Using zip lines just to go down renders them meaningless since everyone can glide down. Going up was the point.
6. If I was to play with default ark settings on crop growth I'd probably never bake. Primitive plus has so much to offer in regards of cooking but even with my 99999x flora grow rate it's a grind to actually make food items.
8. Obsidian pickax seems pointless since I get overall more material and the one that I need with an iron pickax or axe. Am I missing something?
9. Who can damage lumber buildings ? Are they as strong as wood and bricks as strong as stone?
10. Why is there no way to collect gass just pick it up.    <--- Gas is usless in P+.
11. Alchemy table seems not to work as normal arks chemistry bench, it does not give more resources or is it just me, more like same pestle and mot.
12. Industrial forge does not refine wood/fungi to coal. Why ? bug or intended ?
13. Rock drakes If we can't ride em, can't hatch em it's gonna be relay hard fight with the last boss, also renders the radiation zone useless why go there ? Only for reapers? Overall rock drakes such an amazing journey to go get the egg and fly around.
14. Long loading screen times. Seems like it really is a total conversion every time converting, making the ssd or hdd work, isn't there no way to have a separate game/files to avoid loading times. Just have the same game 2x times will take 2x space but you will save 4x time on loading screens.

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