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Kibble rework, wich dino what kibble ?

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Let's just wait for the official statements about release. Im sure they will change from now to then


Edit: Couldn't hurt getting a small organized list together, OP is right. 

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1 hour ago, ZippedS0larius said:

They released the beta sure that info might prove useful. I cant play beta to test it . In sure there are enough ppl who tested it 

You're right. Couldn't hurt having a preliminary list I guess


2 hours ago, SaltyMonkey said:

But me an OP are impatient... We want answers :P


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I don't claim to know the official lists, but if you look at this chart;


One could make an educated guess that each dino that is tamed by the egg type of the current system, will fall under the category of their respective egg size. Of course this could be very wrong as Carno are tamed by Ankylo kibble on the current system, but they are both medium eggs. So if this educated guess is true, you could literally use Carno eggs to tame Carno dinos.

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