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On 12/30/2019 at 11:03 AM, Chrysa1is said:

Watch this space. I'll send a pic soon. My gigas have thousands of mutations

Thousands of mutations dont equal good dino...

Edit to clarify what i meant. You coul have pair of dinos that you breed and get a single mutation on baby and keep breeding that again and again. The mutation counter goes to 2 for next baby even without new mutations happening, 4 then, 8,16,32 and at that point if no new mutations happened before you reach 20 counter you wont be getting new ones after that from that same line. After 20 generations you have thousands or millions of mutations with exact same stats as before. AKA very crap dino compared to properly bred lines.

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wish ark would add micotransaction would be sweet. they make so much money off folks and be better then folks who sell on paypal like a 425 meele gig..

I saw that thread, that guy really messed up the economy. We shouldnt be able to breed someone's line

Oddly the only people who call others childish are the ones who never put a moments work into mutating a dino, let alone do it for 40 generations.

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10 hours ago, wizard03 said:

I never really was interested in gigas due to the huge blow they get to their health pool when tamed. That and the fact that they cannot be used against boss's....They really are a PvP thing, arn't they?

But u know u got almost double hp when u breed one? Or how would u do purple drops on ext without giga? 

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