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Official Servers - Structure Decay Rates


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So these I believe are the rates from doing a bit of searching. 

Thatch - 4 Days

Wood/Dino - 8 Days

Stone  - 12 Days

Metal - 16 Days

Tek - 20 Days

Single Tek Storage (Always Pin Lock) - 12 Hours

Tek Storage Connected to Other Tek Storage (Always Pin Lock) - 80 Days

Tek Generator - 40 Days

Tek Cloner - 20 Days

Tek Transmitter - 40 Days

Tek Teleporter - 40 Days

Cryo Fridge - 40 Days

Keep in mind placing structures like a Tek Generator on top of a ceiling or foundation will make it have the same decay rate as the structure you put it on.

It's wise to place things like Cryo Fridges, Generators etc on the bare ground so they get the longer decay rate..

UPDATED with Correct Info.

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