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pve Baby dino raising

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I believed that the mutation will only happen if at least one of their parents has the mutaion x/20 (which x is less than 20), So the trick I have used is to raise(or tame) as many as female as possible then mate them and hope there is a mutation that is what I want.  You can feed baby dinos cooked meat of course till they grow to 10% then they will eat from trough by themselves. I prefer use cooked meat when they are below 10% because raw meat spoiled quicker and most of meat will be wasted.

Hope this helps.

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Explaining how exactly mutations work and how to get them faster is tricky.Firstly it happens randomly and later on you can kind of manipulate with the system.I'd recommend you watching a video I saw when I was trying to learn how it all works.

everything is explained here but be careful because you might get lost a few times watching this for a first time :D 
Also.Keep a note that you can have only 20 mutations per parent and that color ones don't take a spot even though it counts as mutation. that way you might exceed the 20 limit. And you can reset the  mutation bar with some breeding.
I wish you the best of luck!

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