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It Won't Let Me Play Scorched Earth

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So i purchased the Scorched Earth DLC for ARK on Xbox One S. After the DLC finished downloading and installing, I went to join a single player world for Scorched Earth. When I hit "Play Single Player" a message popped up saying I had not installed the required DLC. It gave me the option to go to the Microsoft Store to install it. When I went to the store through the link and it said I had installed it. I restarted my Xbox, ARK, and I even took the disc out. Nothing worked. I had recently, before buying Scorched Earth, bought the Aberration DLC, which worked perfectly fine. I uninstalled Scorched Earth and reinstalled it, to see if that worked. It didn't work. I then uninstalled Aberration and reinstalled it, which DID work. Please help me. I spent $8 On Scorched Earth, it was the New Year's discount, and Scorched Earth has always been my favorite map. I'm very upset that it isn't working. Please Help!

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