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This is a place where we can discuss the hidden features of unicorn residue. 

We are all aware that upon consumption we will start tripping. Consuming the residue also gives 1 hunger point as well as a small boost in health and stamina. 

It can be used as fertiliser in crop plots/planters but I haven’t managed to get my dung beetles to convert it into actual fertiliser. I haven’t tried it in the compost bin.

Unicorn residue can be combined with a note to create a ‘magical note’ but it doesn’t appear to function any differently to normal notes and very smelly notes.

It can also be used as bait for fishing. I haven’t yet given this a go but from what I heard it is more effective than leech blood but less than amber baits.


Comment anything else you have discovered about unicorn residue and any theories you may have.

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On 1/8/2019 at 7:43 PM, Fishface90 said:

I was looking for new info and I found your post XD


I tried fishing with unicorn residue and none of the fish are attracted to the bait. 


This months primal loot drop included a scuba tank, and 3 unicorn residue... Is this a clue I wonder? 

I think I need to test fishing, deep under water (if its possible) 

You were right! It was a clue!


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7 hours ago, W1ntermist said:

How long do the effects of unicorn residue last? I ate a few of them because I was starving and the effects have been going on for hours of me playing the game. I’m pretty sure it isn’t supposed to last this long....help?

When I ate a unicorn residue, the effect lasted for 12 minutes maximum. Maybe the fact that you ate a bunch caused a stacking effect? I have no idea.

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