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3 hours ago, WarWolf19 said:

is there anyway that players can access the materials like blue, red, green gems for repairing tools also is there a way we can access bps that you wouldn't normally get on Ragnarok Im not at lvl 100 yet so i dont know what you unlock when you get there 

What are you wanting to repair with gems?  I wasn't aware that gems were used for crafting items on Ragnarok, or that they could be used to repair tools.

The red desert drops (crates) contain off-map items like cryopods, cryofridge, cliff platforms, climbing picks, dino leash, glider, zipline anchor.  I didn't want to do bps, because then you have to make the crafting items available as well.  If there is something else that you would like to see, let me know.

lvl 90 should unlock most of the tek structures. lvl 100 unlocks the rest of the tek items.

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