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pve Genesis | x3 XP | x10 Hrvst | x5 Tmng | Tek | Xplay | Nitrado

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If you are looking for a chill server that isn't too easy, but also isn't a difficult grind, check it out.


Difficulty Offset 1.0

XP 3x

Harvest 10x

Taming 5x

Player Water/Food Consumption 0.5

Player Harvest Damage 3x

Dino Harvest Damage 5x

No Fog

Flyer Carry Enabled

Egg Lay Interval 0.5

Egg Hatch Speed 5x

Mating Interval 0.25

Baby Mature Speed 5x

Cuddle Interval 0.875

Resource Respawn Period 0.5

Night Time Speed 5x

Spoil Time 3.0

Supply Crate/Fishing Loot Quality 5x

Structure Placement Collision Disabled

Player Stats Per Level 2x

ORP Enabled

Max Players in Tribe 8

Tek structures auto unlock at lvl 90

Tek devices auto unlock at lvl 100


Server name is:

Subjeqt 5x Taming 3x XP Tek

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