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Dissappearing dinos/Cannot Deploy Cryopods

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False...this is happening  on pve...we don't need to duplicate. ...we can breed without the need to worry of being killed ....name calling someone a fool because you think you know more than someone i


Regardless, it's no wonder people are confused about what's said or not said about the game-breaking bugs in this game because they're never addressed, or addressed through improper channels, like som

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Wildcard seriously. 

threw out our raised dinos today and guess what, they disappeared. That’s a Mana, T-Don and a Trike in one day. When the raptor are you going to fix your broken arse game. This shouldn’t be happening and it’s not like you going to give me them back either. So all them

playing hours lost on this broke game. I’m hitting Microsoft for my Genesis money back as what a the point in playing a broken game that you can’t be arsed to fix. 

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  • invincibleqc changed the title to Dissappearing dinos/Cannot Deploy Cryopods

Already lost twins CC top stat aberrant spinos to this dang bug, not bothering to put a ticket in since the support cannot actually help with this directly. (The policy only allows for up to 190 spawned in dinos with wild random stats as replacements, no colors or imprint bonus to boot, just a big middle finger to all players on official servers)


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11 hours ago, whitewolfxs said:

whats the point of even playing this game, they give us event for breeding to just loose the dino to one of their lovely bugs they put 0 effort into fixing????


Fixing? Wildcard is outright ignoring this problem. They do not even recognize that this bug exists. ? Every time you think ARK could not get worse, WC proves you immediately wrong ...

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1 hour ago, Atlantis said:

How are they ignoring it? Proof?

First metioning of this problem was on December, 24th. Since then more than a dozen people stated here in multiple threads, that they lost animals due to the "cannot deploy" bug. Not a single comment by Wildcard acknowledging this bug, neither from a developer nor a community manager in the 12 days since then. No patch too. I call this ignoring it.

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Just noticed my post has been moved to here, And reading here that lots of people are having this problem since last month with no response, Im seriously thinking about refunding genesis and going to other games, was begining to really enjoy ark, but losing my much loved rex has really put a downer on that unless they can sort it out and get dinos back

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