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Dissappearing dinos/Cannot Deploy Cryopods


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Dino disappear inside the cryopod .

I didn't play much for nearly a year , mostly come to official Ext server to refresh my building and my room was set to highest rank .

And yet today when i check my personal cryo fridge , most of the pod is empty except for the last 2 , it just say empty , no dead dino inside .

Since i always on at least 2 times per week , cable and power is not the problem .

What is going on ?????

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did you pull the pods and see if they appear again?

I've noticed if you have full inventory and cryo a dino now the pod shows empty but the dino is actually in it, just pop it into a container and bam it appears again.

I did have two baby wyvern vanish on valguero that were in the cryo fridge, with no rhyme or reason behind it, but the pods were gone as well (yes it was locked and so was the building).

If dino's are vanishing from pods thats kinda scary as on our main server we've got most our dino's in pods as we've been playing on a couple other servers as well, did that to cut back on feeding and allow for more play time then maintenance time.

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Cryopod disappeared after can't deploy message

Today I parked my raft base in the ocean. Went to throw out my Argent from a Cryopod and got the Can't Deploy message. Usually this would mean the pod returns to your inventory so you can attempt to throw into another spot. On this occasion the pod was removed from my inventory and never to be seen again. Just lost a brand new tame we spent all day yesterday hunting on an official PVP server. Pretty average... assuming there is no chance of having it recovered???

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Response i got........ no chance they were duped... I also had them in cryo and threw them out multiple times before...


Greetings Survivor,

Thank you for contacting Studio Wildcard Customer Support. After careful review of the circumstances of your ticket, we are currently unable to grant your request. This ruling is made in accordance with our code of conduct and internal fair play policies as well as our limited support capabilities. We believe your dinosaur was a dupe and will not be offering assistance for retrieval. We know it may be frustrating, but we appreciate your understanding in this matter. We will be closing this ticket, and may your future endeavors be most Rex-cellent. 


GM Chival
Studio Wildcard

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Cryopod bug - Dinos disappearing

I'm hearing chatter on my cluster about some cryopoded dinos unable to deploy when people try to release them from cryopod.   Seems to affect Wyverns, Gigas and a couple other larger dinos.  Seems to have started after the latest patch.  This is even when they are standing outside in open fields. 

Anyone else seeing/hearing about this same bug?

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Ice wyverns stuck in cryopods multiple times

I have a 190 ice wyvern and a 180 ice wyvern that I hatched and leveled a few times, went to another server with them at two separate times and now they do not come out of the cryopods. When I throw the device it says “CANNOT DEPLOY:” in big red letters without any reason as to why they cannot come out. I was on a new world and I know that no server caps were met when I attempted to throw the devices. I still have the cryopods please help me get them out. One was all white and a Level 190 perfect egg at hatch I hatched during the even in the past week or so. 

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Cannot Deploy Cryopod and Dino Disappeared! WILD CARD

Hello Wild CARD! 


1. Transferred from Island Server through a tek transmitter

2.  Downloaded into a bed

3. Threw out my Cryopoded 150 Wild Tamed mana lvl 266 with a 124 saddle. (Which I hope you can replace.)

4. Displayed Cannont Deploy and removed my mana from inventory.


Tried relogging and killing myself

Please FIX THIS BUG! AND help replace my mana I have nothing because I got meshed and now I have no mana. or saddle which is even bigger hit. 





I Have full video if you need it or if you need me to upload it somewhere else. 

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