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Community Crunch 162: Happy New Year, Public Beta & Extinction Transfers Soon, & Xbox Game Pass!

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Its such a shame that transfers are opening up on servers, i fear this will kill extinction maps entirely. Most of the fun of Ark is starting fresh, and i feel this will just mean that every server wi

Speak for yourself you ungrateful millennial. 

Hey Survivors! Welcome to the first (and also short) edition of the Community Crunch for 2019!  2018 in Review! Happy New Year, Survivors! Thank you all for making us a part of your 2018

On 1/1/2019 at 10:37 AM, Mucheng said:

First no Breeding Event on Xmas and now we don't even get a NewYear-Event with Breeding this year?

Only thing thats usefull of a normal Evolution Event is 2x Harvesting, no one needs more EXP or faster taming.

And if you think it's too early for a Breeding Event on Extinction Servers, just dont enable it on them?

Yeh its true,the players need x2 breeding or you want all players quit the game lol

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Happy New Year, i am looking forward to the Public Beta being more of a thing before live features are added this will help to curve game-breaking issues and should of been something that was added way back! 

Will there be some patch notes to follow? I know there is a bug with one of the artifacts so I am told on Scorched Earth.

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consider to adding trainning option for all ark babies like managar pls.its little bit pain adjusting imprintig schudule. :/

as a pve player good to see transfer will be enable soon.kibble wont be issue for tribes already playing in other maps.people got tons of eggs in other maps but they need to tame 5 lvl egg layer dinos in extinction.annoying :)


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4 hours ago, slejo said:

Transfers will kill fun of Extinction.

I agree friend they killing the map after this open up and o feel sad they going to let every dino in the game into this nice map and let people fly around with wyverns and rockdrakes and reapers their is no space and its so laggy already in city this will be the. End of the game this 15th the grind was just to waist our time, grow up ark listen to us 

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Server transfers already killed the game as soon as they allowed them the first time. PvP isn't really a thing anymore. All you see is griefing offline bases, desert titan raids on aberation (no flyers btw but nvm) and stuff like that. Opening the extinction servers now will end in a big mess. PPL will just bring tons of gigas, wyverns and reapers and red orbs won't be a challenge anymore.

Seriously devs, do you even play your own game? Do you think about what you are doing?

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Maybe closed maps could be a new feature, 


I can see this being a very fun game mode, you build a community on PVP outta mutual respect, sometimes server rules that everyone can abide by! and then if any noobs join and build and troll you can attack them. thats fun..

But when unknown trolls invade a server when you are offline bringing Giga's and Titans, Wyverns etc.. you are rendered defensless..


Ark devs. Realise this please! People cannot be on the game 24/7 even if it is PVP and raids are always going to happen, you missed the primary aspect of PVP when implicating server transfer! a blind move and quite irresponsible... 

PvP IS PLAYER VS PLAYER! by doing what you do...-_- it is PvB! player vs Base!

People raid when you are offline! as in they are living and breathing in the real world. why cant you respect that?? the second we go off it makes the server population low and raiders see this and destroy months of work, built communities and years sometimes of breeding lines! 

You need to get together and say "PvP! what is PvP and how can we implement it in to Ark fairly and evenly for our community?"

The answer is not always be online, worry like hell all day every day and log on preying you have not been blown up just because you went to work or saw your girlfriend.....

Think about it. 

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I have played since legacy. I have lost to glitches and exploits and kiters. But I kept playing. I have been dc'd so many times while just trying to tame or fly somewhere I have lost count. The Nerfs that you have made in the game have damaged a lot(Yes, I get it was changed for PvP), but I still played. Please listen to the players, your customers. Extinction is suppose to be END GAME material, so please do not let transfers in. If that happens it will be maybe a week to two before the map is done. We can transfer all our "good" dinos in, finish it quick. Please leave a challenge for us and keep the game fun.

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Please don't open Extinction up for transfers! ?

In my opinion, it will screw up the balance of the map.  I'm a casual player with a small tribe, however, I still can participate in OSD or get Santa Raptor drops because we all have the roughly the same dinos.  If Wyverns and other dinos are allowed on the map, they will drastically change the dynamics.  I know the intent is to increase popularity and purchases of Extinction, but there have to be other ways to generate revenue that won't kill the map. 


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