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How to Tame a Basilisk?

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alright.  Basically you get one to come out of the ground and drop a rock drake egg near by and he will eventually eat the egg off the ground. it has to come out of your inventory not your dinos. if he buries he will lose taming efficiency rapidly. i usually put them in a large box so they can't burrow.

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54 minutes ago, Reidar said:

Imagine if there was a website where people could put out video guides on how to do things in different games.

You could just search there and get the answers you wanted in video form for easier demonstration, it would be revolutionary! ?

You should trademark that idea before some unscrupulous hack steals it, and makes billions.


But @Milkassassins34, use fertilized eggs, not fermented.  Only Rock Drake eggs will do, and luckily egg-level doesn't affect taming!  So if you are at the point that you are raiding nests in the Drake trench, just hold on to some low level eggs and bada-bing!  You can tame Basilisks.

I would advise...  Be careful with wild Basilisks.  The poison attack is an AOE effect that will kill you/break your hazard suit, and as wild they have an ENORMOUS amount of HP (when tamed, they receive a -50% HP nerf).  A level 140+ that might have 25 points in HP, when wild, will have nearly 17000 HP...  They are no joke.

Easy-Portal zone is a lie.

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