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Patch Notes (Current)

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Version 2.0.10

  • Stay tuned for upcoming seasonal events!
  • Added T.O.A.S.T.
  • Ancestry UI implemented
  • Element, new skins, garden items, dungeon keys and TEK blueprints now available in the store
  • Underwater creatures can now be requested in single player
  • Fixed various exploits
  • Unofficial server admins can allow PvP dungeons
  • Players are now warned before spending Ancient Amber to revive a tame that will come back wild
  • Added more detail to Tribe Log showing who destroyed structures
  • Fix for text colors appearing incorrectly in Tribe Log
  • Fix for Torpor data not updating properly when viewed through Spyglass in Multiplayer
  • Fix for various weapon placements on Weapon Mounts
  • Fix for various exploits

Version 2.0.08

  • Angler Fish now harvests silica pearl
  • Arthropluera melee now damages stone, metal & TEK.
  • Added torpor feedback to Spyglass
  • Added manual save button to Single Player
  • Increased TEK Generator radius
  • New colors for Allies/Tribe member chat
  • Increased no-build radius around Obelisks
  • Fix Sarco being picked up in PvE
  • Fixed errant flying creatures with God Console
  • Reduced Eery Element cost on TEK building structures
  • Fix for being pushed under the Dungeon map
  • Tribute Pt. Notes for 1 Eery Element
  • Unofficial Server owners can now set custom Welcome Messages
  • Added Gas Mask functionality to TEK Helmet when fully powered
  • Cubozoa Multis now correctly drops its Pt. Note in Single Player
  • Players are now served a warning that items will be dropped when Fast Traveling
  • Updated loot tables in Mailable Gifts
  • Patch Notes no longer served upon repeated launches of the game
  • Fix for Chronicled Implants wrongfully showing that they will revive as Wild
  • Creatures such as the Titanosaur which are not able to be revived can no longer be Chronicled
  • Fix for floating structure building mechanic

Version 2.0.06

  • Fixed invulnerability in god console
  • Fixed Island map not remembering where you've been
  • Dungeon traps are now easier
  • Fertilized eggs are no longer able to be dropped inside dungeons
  • Added text to TEK Armor buff for better understanding of the effect
  • Fixed rare case where slow debuff would persist after dungeon room completion

Version 2.0

  • New ways to explore the mysteries of the Island at the Obelisks. Play every week for chances at new TEK items, new creatures and new challenges!
  • Chronicle your tame in a stored implant at low revival costs.
  • New in-game chat options for multiplayer.
  • Turkish language support added.
  • Adjusted camera angle on T Rex.
  • Volunteer Translators added to game credits.
  • Optimized Wooden Spike Walls and Metal Foundations to improve performance.
  • Added Eerie Implant support to creature skin rugs.
  • Numerous optimization and stability improvements.
  • Structure Decay notifications now give approximate coordinates

Version 1.1.21

  • Sarco TLC: New attacks, updated visuals & improved AI
  • New ARKetype! Race Flags: Place flags down & set up races with checkpoints!
  • Dododex Integration: Select button when targeting a creature to view stats within Dododex
  • Storage container access can be restricted by tribe rank
  • Metal Battlements engrams added
  • Doubled stack size of raw meats
  • Added Minor (3x) and Major (15x) Soothing Balms to store
  • Removed standard (10x) Soothing Balm from store (still available from in-game loot tables)
  • Alliance members appear blue in NavKit
  • Ascendant Creature XP can now be disabled
  • Potent Dust now grants 10,000,000 XP when applied to a creature using Ascendant Creature Unlock
  • Level Up Target in God Console now grants 10x XP when used in conjunction with Ascendant Creature Unlock
  • Offerwall added to Single Player in place of 15 Ancient Amber purchase option

Version 1.1.20

  • Ascendant Creature Unlock available in single player store for unlimited tame stats!
  • Equus statue, Direwolf Rug & Manticore Helmet skin available in store
  • Direwolves, Procoptodons & Chalicotheriums can wear helmets
  • Tidy Save added to reduce save size for players with cloud storage limitations
  • Griffin leveling & creature recolor available via God Console
  • Revived creatures maintain spayed/neutered status
  • Increased Griffin base weight 25%
  • C4 decays after 15 minutes in PvX & PvXc game modes
  • Removed Griffin level up prevention in God Console
  • Unclaimed creatures can no longer mate
  • Photo Mode Reporting disabled on Unofficial Servers
  • Wild Raptors can no longer be carried in PvE & PvX game modes
  • Unofficial Server Transfers now have a 7 day cooldown before being able to transfer back to the server you left
  • Infinite weight exploit fixed with chairs, benches and turrets
  • Dodo Skin Rug now re-sizes based on the size of the Dodo Implant
  • Creature Implants no longer grant Potent Dust when ground. Ancient Amber now grants additional Potent Dust when ground.
  • Increased building prevention radius around Obelisks

Version 1.1.19

  • Fixed memory crash issues
  • Fixed undermeshing kill zones in ocean areas that were errantly killing players
  • Enhanced battlements placement 
  • Increased auto turret and plant X damage by 40% on hard, 80% on brutal 
  • Damaged skins can now be unskinned without having to repair them
  • All turret types can now be placed on Mammoth Side Saddles in Single Player
  • Fixed Rex & Trike Bone helmet so qualifying creatures can wear them

Version 1.1.17

  • Mammoth TLC: New Siege Saddle ARKetype
  • Mammoth TLC: Enter water to drink & hold water, then spray it with a swipe up! Capacity is a breedable trait.
  • Raptor & Trike TLC : New art and new attacks
  • Baby toys, Smelly fish skin added to store
  • Creature implants can be requested if lost
  • Crouch & Prone added via left swipe menu
  • Inventory filtering using new search tool
  • Battlements added to engram tree
  • Photo Pursuits that unlock 2 new filters
  • Increased Eerie Pistol Damage by 30%
  • Increased Cutlass Durability by 50%
  • Decreased all turret damage by 20%
  • Increased Dodo melee by 28%
  • Feathers removed from bit repair requirements
  • Wildcard Ticket added to allow transfer of purchases in multiplayer across difficulties & game modes *THIS ITEM HAS BEEN DISABLED

Version 1.1.16

  • Dodos can now be bred for size with up to 9 new abilities
  • Spinosaur TLC: Bipedal stance, swimming buff & prime fish taming preference with an increased gathering rate
  • New Photo Mode, with fun filters to share your survivor, base & island!
  • Warning Systems added to the store (Multiplayer only)
  • Premium items/skins can be stored in storage boxes or equipped on tames!
  • Supply drops added to PvP
  • New Warpaint implant graft
  • Game fully translated into German, Italian, French, Spanish, and Portuguese
  • Increased Crafting Station prices and their charges to help with game balancing
  • Fix for a bug granting bonus taming effectiveness when reviving creatures transferred from another server


Version 1.1.14

  • Potential Crash Fixes
  • Potential Server performance improvements
  • Fixed Equus riding for non-tribe members
  • Fixed Griffin spawning with only -mir surname
  • Removed Pursuit requirement for Colorbomb Graft in Multiplayer
  • Sealed off the right side path of Northwest Hollow to make runs here take a little more effort.

Version 1.1.06

  • Equus added
  • Aerial Symbiote & Cantilever Platform ARKetype now available
  • Geopolymer Cement Foundations added to engram menu, survivors can build to new heights! 
  • Additional on-screen shoot button option for left-side firing
  • Removed forced dismount on save/load in single player
  • Colorbomb & Camoflauge implant grafts added to the store 
  • Santa Hat skin added (available on Xmas)
  • Added ability to change languages 
  • iPhone XS, XR, XS Max & 2018 iPad Pro resolution fixes 
  • Predatory or Aggressive Wild creatures can no longer be picked up in PvE.
  • Griefing fix for Gigas in PvE - kited Gigas will not attack creatures or structures that do not belong to the target that aggro'd them.

Version 1.1.05

  • Fixed issues with Griffin taming & breeding
  • Added Griffin kibble 
  • Fixed store item unlocking issues 
  • Fixed Trophy Room bugs

Version 1.1.04

  • Griffins have arrived at Fars Peak
  •  Otters can now be found in rivers
  • Added Implant Grafts, a new way to enhance your survivor!
  • New Primal Pass perks! 10% bonus amber, more tame slots & exclusive items!
  • Survivors can now mail each other gifts
  • Collars can now voluntarily be dropped
  • Multiplayer raft limit increased to 4
  • Evil Cuddle Bear available for purchase
  • Implemented Trophy Room pursuit, the ultimate challenge!
  • New accessories added
  • Survivors can emote in single player
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