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Extinction Official 441,442,443 all down

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Completely rediculous bullsh** first we have to deal with permanent "255" ping for months and now servers go down without any warning and stay down for 5+ hours, depite PLENTY of outage reports being sent in. 

People can't play, have their characters needed for imprint stuck on the server and/ or have to stay in the serevr browser klickign refresh to log in as soon as the server starts up to not lose valuable dinos/ items because obviously due to the crash they have no remote idea where on the map they will be when the server comes back up.

And the fact that getting some crashed servers online again takes longer than most studios take to do a full server maintenance is nothing but embarrassing.

The game is definitely "ready for retail" ... But I guess the money potential of ARK is reached in their eyes so no one even cares anymore.

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