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eggs Which Dino’s lay egg’s

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Hello there 

I was wondering if anyone can help me put a list together of all the dino’s in ark moblie that lay eggs as I can’t seem to see any forms or anything’s in the internet about which Dino’s in ark moblie lay eggs :) 

this form will help people who like making kibble and breeding 

so please come and help me put your list’s down below please thank you ? 

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I’d say this is more or less intuitive. Actual dinosaurs lay eggs. Mammals, marsupials, and underwater tames don’t. Frogs are considered an underwater tame but will lay a fertilized egg. In short get the Dododex app. It has a list of kibble. If there’s a kibble there’s an egg. There’s your list. Keep in mind that the Dododex was created for non mobile versions of the game and will contain eggs of creatures we don’t have access to.  Hope this helps you. 

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