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Can't tame dodo on switch?

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I recently purchased ark for Nintendo switch and have been haveing issues I believe bug/glitch related. Need some help resolving the problem

1. 1st issue is I can't tame a dodo. I've tried both low and high levels ,I've done my research on what they need to tame them and watched  videos. I collected the items and put it in it's inventory but  no change in it's status bar. The only time it's eats the berries is if I press a button to force feed it instead of it eating itself like I've seen on videos. There's no change in it's health bar from eating the berries either but narcoberries and the stim. berries seem to work how they should on it .( I have no issues taming other creatures)


2. 2nd issue I had was after I died all my skill points except for my starter skills were reset. It occurred after the third time I died and kept resetting itself after every time I died. I had to create a new survivor and haven't had this issue since.but I would like to know the cause to prevent it in the future  I don't know if it was related to removing the inactive implants.

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