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Game crashes

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So, I'm playing on console (xbox one) and I kinda left the game for a while due to being tired of grinding and a huge lack of time, and now that I'm back at it, my game crashes, at first it was in Ragnarok, then after I got tired of losing a lot of progress and time thanks to the crashes, I went to scorched earth, but I still get sudden crashes there and I really don't want to check if  the island crashes as well nor lose any more time/resources/will to play/etc. xD And I'm pretty freaked out because when I used to play  A LOT this game, it never crashed, and im talking about playing it for 8 or 12 hours straight. I'm playing solo btw just in case that makes a difference in the problem
¿Is it just that the xbox one is kind of a piece of trash or a general problem with the new patch? xD 

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