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Hey anyone else able to log on after the update for switch today? Was playing fine all day and get home and see there's an update, downloaded it and then I could only find 1 random wierd session that didn't load. Then after a little bit can't find any servers now. Just posting because can't find anything on twitter or anywhere else. I got babies! 



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7 hours ago, lilpanda said:

Apologies for the lack of communication on this. The client update wasn't in sync with the server update as intended. Due to it being in the middle of the night for most of our team, we were unable to deploy servers. The servers have now been deployed with the new version and you should be able to connect.

Thanks for the response lilpanda! 


- For everyone else the servers appear to be online now. Just logged in fine to my server.

Although my babies died due to not being able to feed them  :'(


happy hunting survivors.

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6 hours ago, cyruga said:

no sessions found 3 days and counting,only see asia servers and oc servers :D this is a joke, pacth didnt solve nothing did 3 tikets 0 replys from wildcard can someone tell me what is going on?they will solve the problem or i just need to unistall ark?thx

Mine are up and working fine as of about 3pm Eastern time 12.18.18 - If you still can't view the server list than your client may be bugged or not up to date. I would recommend going to the home screen on the Switch, and pressing the "+" button to bring up game options, and try to update the client this way. If this does not work I would recommend reinstall. Good luck!

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