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Community Crunch 161: Winter Wonderland 2018!

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Hey Survivors! Welcome to the latest edition of the Community Crunch!  Winter Wonderland 2018! Winter Wonderland is almost here! This winter-themed holiday event begins tomorrow at 10am

Fear Evolved is not supported in the ActiveEvent system as we only began using it this year and didn't have Fear Evolved this year. ActiveEvent can be used for: Easter, Arkaeology, ExtinctionChronicle

iirc wasn't there a group loot setting for doing dungeons? These would great benefit with a system like that. 

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Yea, still no update for the ps4, all my server players read the cruch, we're all excited, now my server sits idle once again..... What is going on wildcard! Why are we left in the dark for so long on this..... Don't really care about the event, but would love the fixes for some of the stuff that is going to be patched.... Any info would be great

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they always say its in verification, but I always wondered about this it just seems like its something they say to pacify people complaining, the reason I say this is cause, I  have multiple games and I would see some updated almost everyday for a week straight, h1z1, fortnight etc. why don't there verification take that long for updates and bug fixes and such. those small titles must have one heck of a dev team to be pumping out patches and fixes each day, and pass through this so call verification process. but who knows maybe its just me.

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