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Is bee taming broken?

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So last night we tried taming two beehives and we couldn't get it to work. The first beehive we broke seemed to have another beehive behind it and the queen never came out. The second one we found on the edge of a cliff. We broke that one and the queen came out and started spawning the worker bees but it never moved and we could never reach it. Aren't they supposed to move around and float closer to the ground? We built a platform to reach it but encountered two problems. We have to jump straight down into the swarm of bees, even with ghillie armor we get attacked. The other issue we ran into was even if we are able to feed one flower to the queen, it never lets us feed it again.

Are the beehives and queen bees bugged?

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The update after starting the ARKaeology event they broke the taming of Queens bee. That also got console single players the abilities to loose their world as the game crashes when it saves. Yes before they broke the taming we just placed C4 under the hive and all bee hives broke at once but some moron thought this was too op so they changed it with a crashing game as a result. Never updated with a fix.

Now you need to use a large dino to take out one hive at a time and if a queen pops out tame it accordingly to ark wiki not dododex as dododex is not updated with the longer feeding intervals. if you use taming during 2x event weekend it gets hungry faster after first feeding as well.



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Use snow owl, the freeze will insta kill the workers (Not sure if bug or intended) and also make the Queen land. (At least it was like that 3 weeks ago, might have been nerfed). 

To know if there is a queen, just shoot an arrow at the hive while rather close, if no bees comes out the hive is "dead" and will not spawn a queen, you might as well break it anyway, but you can save on a bug repellent. 

Also, after confirming it's "alive" you can walk slightly out of spawn range of the workers and shoot the hive (about 150-200 arrows, so bring 2 crossbows if you use primitive). Have a spyglass to look at its health as the last shot must be made in spawn range or the queen won't spawn. 

Lastly, you can use flier to fly away from the workers then fly back, workers despawn once they are unrendered. Fly back to the queen but not too close, so the worker she spawns won't aggro you. Once you estimate it's about time to feed, fly away to derender all the workers, swoop in on the queen, dismount and feed, then fly out of render and come back again, repeat until tamed.


PS: 1 ichty kibble insta tame the queen on x2 saving you a lot of trouble. I usually bring 20, and tame all the hives I see with 5 repellant and then sell them 500-1000 ingot for fast profit. I usually get around 8-10 per run in the redwood. I don't do it often though, because I can only sell on the server, you can't really transfer them. I wonder if the pokeball might help with that. 

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