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pvp ???Extinction S+,x10T,B,M,x3XP,H All Engrams 4Member Tribes???

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English Server, Looking for player(s) who enjoy friendly PVP. We offer PVE to non combat types, We do events with Prizes and offer NON-Extinction Dino’s with rare saddles to new players joining the server. Discord is preferred but not required. If your new to the game it’s a great place to learn from many who have 2k+ hours on official PVP servers. We currently are looking to relax from the constant Grind and Toxic environment of official. Adult language is common. Offline protection is also a server feature. Active Admin. Issues resolved quickly. No fear of being raided early. Send me a personal message or post here for more information  

Extinction S+ mod, x3 Experience and Harvesting. x10 Taming Breeding & Maturing All Engrams Including TEK unlocked Occasionally x6 harvesting and Admin created events with prizes. 

Hope to see you there! ?

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