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XboxOne Extinction dlc not registering as installed

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So every time i try to load the extinction dlc ether it be a single player server or an official multiplayer server a pop up come up saying "Required Dlc not installed would you like to go to the store to install it?". Problem is i DO have it installed and going to the stor page does nothing but let me read a small bit of text saying " This product is installed". i have tried uninstalling/reinstalling the dlc and  re booting my xbox the issue still persists, non of the other dlc have this issue only extinction. Any suggestions or help would be greatly appreciated.

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The DLC is downloaded to your console but not installed in the game itself. The solution is a very easy fix.

-Go the Xbox Dashboard and select Ark. Do NOT launch the game.

-Go to the information section of the game. Select the Add-Ons tab. Open it.

-Doing that will show you all the available DLC for the game, maps included. Find Extinction and select it. It should give you the option to download/install. Click that button.

-The install should take only a few seconds. 

-Once done, return to the dashboard and launch Ark. You should be able to play Extinction now.

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