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Vanishing Fertilized Eggs

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Guys I'm so heartbroken. We just got wiped, our server is dead...only the Chinese tribe left who literally ran every single person off of our NA server and claimed it as Chinese only. 

I'm hiding out, trying to breed these birds I've worked MONTHS on stacking stats with......completely irreplaceable birds! Crazy stats. 


Well I hid this dang bird from them for 15 hours, waiting for her breeding timer to reset. I used a pheromone to quickly get the babies implant for server transfer....the hatch timer counts down to zero....and the egg vanishes. 


No baby. 


The super fertilized egg I used a day ago for the same reason fell through the map immediately after the bird laid it.


Now the timer has reset and I'm sure they will find me and kill my remaining tames, they have their implants, and I'll be out of quite a bit QUITE a bit of amber. 


Is there anyway to fix this? Return my amber maybe? Reset her timer? Anything? 

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