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This seems to be a lingering issue amongst some Xbox players that has never been answered or resolved. Can we figure out what's going on?

TL;DR: Textures are not loading. The graphics look low-quality and seem to never fully load. This happens for both dinos and structures, and seems to be getting worse and worse over time.

I'm on an OG Xbox One, running a private dedicated from a second OG Xbox One, though I've recently seen the same issue reported on Nintrado servers and single player.


More info: The problem started happening roughly when Aberration came out. I can't pinpoint exactly when (before or after), but I recall seeing the issue uncommonly the first time I played Aberration. It started with textures just seeming to take a while to load. Eventually, they'd pop in after I had been around the base a while.

But the issue got worse. When my small tribe and I started fresh on The Island, I'd noticed that some textures stopped loading completely. Specifically on structures and things like storage boxes and dinos.

Eventually that last layer of texture/detail just siezed to exist on everything and I've been living with it ever since.

It's even worse on Extinction. Any Extinction-specific dinos just look like vague blobs and shapes until I've been staring at them for 10-20 seconds and they finally render into a recognizable form.

Since the issue started happening, I've been scouring these forums as well as Reddit and it seems like the issue has never been answered. It was acknowledged by mods here a couple times that they'd "look into it", but alas, here we are a year later.

I've tried:

- Uninstalling and re-installing Ark.

- Clearing console cache.

- Deleting local save game data for Ark.


I've also heard of people attempting to adjust graphical settings like bloom quality to try to fix, with no success.


I've come to terms with the probable fact that it's a performance issue that can never be "fixed", but I'd like to know a few things:

- Is there a fix?

- If not, then what causes this issue, why was it not an issue before, and why has it gotten worse?

- Who else is experiencing this issue and what are your circumstances? (Which Xbox do you use, and how are you playing, etc.?)

((I'm currently at work, but will see if I can attach pictures as an example later))

Thanks in advance!

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I bought an expansion that I find very hard to play for more than 30 minutes because the very poor texture rendering just prevents me from immersing myself in the game. I guess I'll just start taking s/s's.

I love Ark. I love the story and the lore of Ark. Played since early access. I'm a pvper-turned-singleplayer. As the op stated, the rendering wasn't always an issue. Right around Ragnorak/ Aberration is when it started on console.

I've just dealt with it. But it's reaching a boiling point. So best to post now before it really triggers me. All I want is to immerse myself into this world, but what are these last 2 expansions WC has sold me?

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This is a huge problem with ARK on consoles. Don't expect it to be fixed though; there's not enough CPU power or RAM to handle games like ARK. Your only solution is to get a PC. As I have experience on BOTH platforms, this is one of the huge things that steered me AWAY from playing this game on console, ARK was not designed to run on consoles, and will never perform well without a ton of work from Wildcard. If you want "immersion", you literally have no choice but to get a PC, and get the game on Steam. One thing I noticed is comparing the game on the same settings (mixes of med-low settings in 720P), PC absolutely destroys the console version of the game. Hey, if you can afford it, I'd say just go for it, just don't buy an RTX graphics card (they perform very poorly on Ark), and you will have your mind blown, and you will be like, "what even is ARK on consoles?" Sorry for sounding like a PC elitist, but it's true because i'm speaking from personal experience, I was fed up with the lousy effort of ARK on the Xbox.

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PC has this issue also, I am currently experiencing it with no support even after looging a couple of tickets. Closed as resolved without any relevant solution and stating to keep it updated ... hell the last update was 56GB and still no fix.. happy to take my money but not now that they have my money they dont give a sh*t!!!!!


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I have the same issue on pc, we play cross with xbox, microsoft version is terrible, gamma correction bugged, i see light flash, texture, object and mesh doesn't loading far from the start point, i have to log out and log in,,terrible terrible, not one supported me!!!,  STEAM is the best,  

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