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mod idea We need a Blueprint of our favorite structures. Possible?

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In Survival Plus, Ally Killa has created blueprints of his buildings. You set a blueprint down and then add, by layers, the mats you need to build it. 

Is it possible to do this for our structures in regular Ark?  Maybe we could build our favorite designs on a single player game, save it somehow and then take that blueprint to an unofficial server and place it down. 

I tend to build the same type of houses on every server I play on and this sure would save me a lot of time. The blueprint would require gathering all the mats to build the structure, so it is not for skipping that part of building.

Sometimes I come up with a really cool design for a house with lots of corners and fancy roof configurations and wish I had at least taken a picture of how I did it.  If I could save a blueprint, that would be so wonderful.

I have no idea how modding works so I don't know about these things but I was hoping you guys would know.

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