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Velonasaur crashing players when attacking / slowrun

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to make it short, I experienced 2 issues with the Velonasaur on unofficial (not overly modded or boosted) 

First of all, as soon as several Velonas attack, it almost always causes the client to crash and disconnecting the players in render distance (had to forbid Velonas for Drop and Vein hunting :( )

Second, sometimes they get stuck into a slowed down run which happens super random. They can't be unstuck via whip. 

To show both detailed, I attached a video. 


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Can you post your computer specs? There's a lot of velo there and as they're all doing a huge AOE attack, it could be putting a strain on your pc as a lot is happening for your pc to process. When you whistle passive they all stop so fps drop stops. 

As for the running thing, maybe it's the same as with player models sometimes they get stuck on collision (maybe other velo) which slows down movement speed until crouch.

I'm not a expert tho lol could very well be a bug happening to anyone regardless of pc. 

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Base specs: 

NVIDIA GeForce GTX 970

Intel Core i7-4770K



But it also happened to pretty much everyone on the server standing close to a drop or vein defense with 4-5 Velos. Also to people with super PCs that are a bit younger than mine. Usually, I have no real issue with ARK. But that's kinda weird. 

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I ran the tailwhip for a long while on a GTX 1080, burning a velanos stamina on  just a right-click. The thing is, I do not think that they are intended to take so long in order to score kills on enemies. Performing that kind of AoE attack for that long and using that much stamina would mean that the velano is seriously stressed out. Which, don't get me wrong. We do.

I think as long as they continue to work on making them function as intended that they will actually correct in this area. It's a modeling/processing issue. No reason why a client should be processing/modeling that much unless under dire struts by which they are likely to lose anyway.

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