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xbox Single player Xbox (day1)

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I had a friend msg me about a lost map. Tried to find it but I could not, so I write this.

Before you get your map deleted follow these steps to have a backup. 

Access Settings->Network->network settings->Bandwidth usage before you start the game and notice the current usage 0bit/s or quickly 100b to 5kb per second. This is idle state and nothing to sync to xbox cloud or download.

Start your Ark and as you start to move around a little  (ark start sequence) type command SAVEWORLD wait for two after each other save indicators at bottom right, this is a indication of a successful save operation.

Aftet that go to home screen and yes Ark is paused (indicated by Resume) now logout your gamertag and go again to Bandwisrh usage. Observe how your save is uploaded / sync. This process is finished when the above described idle state is reached.

If you play offline you can always access that cloud save. If you play with friends and you see your map empty then quickly take your Xbox offline so that the last save state is NOT uploaded (empty map).

How to access the cload save. Well you need to access it from a friends Xbox since your latest/newest save is empty map state.

The cload save need to be saved with SAVEWORLD command and then synced on another xbox. After a player do this your ark save in the Xbox cloud is newer than on your home Xbox i.e. older save with the empty map @home.

Finally player can start Ark on home Xbox and when the question is given if player want to load the newer cloud save. Choose that option and NOT the older local save option.

Done and I fixed but only if a player can read it before the map is erased. @Jen pin this - plz.

Avast  (pirate term)


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Since more people lost their world after the 30 minute ingame save. I write how to retrieve your world since XBOX some times do not help with the save files.

So the description is above.

Ingame you can write saveworld command, if you get a crash find another spot to save the game. Saveworld force save and is not connected to the 30 minutes auto save. So if you played for 20 minutes and type saveworld and the games saves successfully player still get the auto save 10 min later (every approx 30 min).

If saveworld command crash the game you can lower the dino count 0.05 and followed by ingame commans :

destroyall beehive_c   



Good luck

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So it happened again after a few hours game play. However now there is a day1 built in protection.

This ver 783.13 and after works like this, once you have your day 1 screen and new character creation surprise. Force quit so that nothing is saved. Upon restart a previous save is loaded with all stuff intact. Not only is this great but it works as well.

I only write this so that you do not create a new character just to find all your stuff is gone.

Quit ark app at homescreen! Restart


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