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Dinosaurs TLC #3?

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like the title says,do we know anything about it? its clear that some creatures in-game are feeling the weight of the old age in terms of gameplay and or visuals like:Dilophosaurus,Mammoths,carnotaurus,wooly rhinoceros,megalodons,brontosaurus,stegosaurus,diplodocus and the list goes on but those are the honorable mentions.

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I like to see the carno redone give it better carry whight. it funny a parasr has 3x the whigh that something bigger then it dose. make it so that the alt skins from the dig event early in the year are perm as alt spawn for trik bronto  and the other 2 I forget   maybe redo the looks of some walls   add create a char  new faces as a tlc so we don't all look like the same with new hair.

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I am happy with the all TLC (1&2) creatures + Sabertooth & Mammoth passes, it made me want to rediscover the animals I had.

Trike, Raptor and especially the Rex are all very awesome now (with their abilities included here). The Direbear, Direwolf, Gigantopithecus and Procoptodon were vastly improved over the original models, and Argentavis flight tilt, Spino's dual stance - just awesome! Let us not forget the often omitted, Mammoth and Sabertooth cat passes (remember their hairless versions?) it made the animals look incredible as well.

If I had to pick one I was a little disappointed with, it would be the Parasaur as it did not get a visual upgrade, but then again it was not hurting bad and visually looked appropriate as is.

For a possible TLC 3 pass, I would again raise the same I mentioned months ago with new additions:

- Plesio's face fix, needs to be done, this animal is too awesome to leave it like it is.

- Allosaurus look very stiff compared to the newer and more fluid dinos introduced in these TLC passes. The legs need to be a little more relaxed, the Rex does a good job with this now, though it has to be something for Allosaurus and Carnos (yes I am slipping Carnos in here :) ) specifically, that would make their animations their own in regards to one another.

- The Bronto, due to its size it sticks out rather clearly, very stiff animations and clumsy behavior. It would be nice if its "fingers" would spread as it steps on the ground, like the present day elephants do, it doesn't need to spread as much though, just enough. 

- Definitely Diplodocus, I refuse to accept that it would bump its head as an attack in any circumstance, even in a fictional version of Ark. The creature's build simply does not support headbutting as a form of defense, it must have used its tail. 

- Quetzal, after its speed change, the wings animations feel off, it would have to be adapted to its new reality so it flies more naturally. Right now I cannot see how it would keep itself airborne, it looks too artificial.

I was honestly surprised to see Megalodon brought up, either this is the first time I see the request or I don't recall it from previous conversations, but it still looks good enough for me, again that's just me and I would not mind a TLC pass for it, should it come, but it does not strike to me as incredibly urgent like the ones above or the previously mentioned Megaloceros (male and female variants both need some love).

All in all, I really like to keep the TLC conversations up and running, I think we could clear another 15-20 animals to bring them more in line with their newer additions. There are some that clearly don't need a pass, like the sheep (looks perfect and was a more recent addition), Scorched Earth, Aberration and Extinction creatures looks in good shape, Unicorn, Equus, etc... Troodons, all good.

To be honest I am more concerned about the visuals and animation fluidity of the animals than the abilities themselves (like it was done to the now awesome Sabertooth), though, it would be nice if they review abilities and roles when possible. As they have done in TLCs so far.

I guess ultimately we are looking at the Island first 50-70 animals for TLC candidates, and from those they should be prioritized, I know Wildcard said we aren't doing that many, but there are quite a few that could use a face lift figuring out which ones is the real challenge. 

Questions that I think should guide this ranking principle are:

Does the animation looks fluid? 

Does it look good enough?

Does its sound files feel appropriate? (hint, Carno's Steps don't)

Does this animal need a specific role? (read: does it need an ability?)

Rank them from there based on the answers on each category.  


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