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Turret Mode for Dinos

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5 hours ago, baronbowden said:

So, I guess a follow up is how do you use dinos for base defense?

What are common strategies beside stuffing small ones in rooms?

That depends mostly on how your base is set up and the location of your base. For example, if you're building on a high plateau, surrounding the inner perimeter walls with encumbered brontos on aggressive is great because you can home-run intruders off the side. If you're building in a cave, though, having dinos like wyverns and velos on turret mode out of normal line-of-sight can help mow-down intruders as they get to a certain point in the cave entrance. If you're building in the water, eels, desert 

Personally, I like making movement-speed/melee dimorphodon outposts around my base where all the dimos are set to follow a dino inside the outpost so when they go out to attack something they fly back in when the target is dead. If you're worried about being weak against big dinos (rexes, gigas), put a bunch of kentrosauri in there. If sniping is a concern, build some cover over the important ones. Surrounding your inner-base with purlovias is always nice, having plenty of rexes hanging out is a must. Allos are great for the bleeds, velos are good for the 'bullets', and brontos are awesome for tail swipe knockbacks. Whatever you do, never have a giga roaming around with your other dinos. 

At the end of the day, it's all about having contingencies for every potential entry point to your base, and a whole bunch of crap to make life hard on raiders if they get inside. (Inside I'm a huge fan of dimos, mesos, arthros, scorps, spiders, dilos, badgers, hyenas, and microraptors...basically dinos that will stun them so they can't move, blind them so they can't see, slow them so they can't run, torpor them so they faint, burn their armor off, eat their faces) I'm also a HUGE fan of dino honeycombs. Most people honeycomb the outside walls of their bases. I like to put encumbered health/melee stegos/trikes in those honecombs to make blowing through the walls a bit more interesting. 

It's something you can watch tutorials on and get all sorts of advice, but the best way to learn is to get attacked. Then you'll see what works and doesn't work for your base layout and location. Keep in mind that that the "right" setup will always evolve...especially after you've been raided to prevent them from using the same tactics twice.

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