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Artifacts, Cave Drops and Missing Wyvern Eggs

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Unofficial PP pVp cluster on xbox. Issues we experience:

1) no wyvern nests on SE or Rag, no wyverns in trench on rag (yes many dino wipes attempted)

2) No artifacts or loot crates...beacons are ok.

3) No ice queen or death worms

4) spawning in artifacts and running arena results in no bosses and instant fall through arena on center, rag, and scorched.  Attempted this on all maps.

5) extinction is unplayable on pp.  Constant dashboard crashes on xbox one x...

Why is this game so broken?  Come on wildcard. I've had a ticket in for 2 weeks with no response to these issues and it takes away so much from gameplay. As an admin, I have to host multiple weekly events including spawning in boss to keep my members engaged in addition to hosting other events. My wife is gonna divorce me if I have to keep telling her i have "boss appointments" on xbox i have to keep just so players can challenge them.  Get these issues addressed or hire some competent personnel who can manage a technical support team. You are running a business, orrrrr, is it a circus? 

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Me and 2 friends have been playing on a non-dedicated server on Ragnarok with minimal issues with bugs. More recently, we decided to try and gather an artifact close by, the Artifact of the Hunter. We got through the whole area to the spot where it SHOULD have spawned, but wasn't there. We restarted and still nothing, so do we have to cheat this one? Also, are there problems like this for other maps? We plan and playing through the Main ARKs after Ragnarok. Any help or answers for this problem are greatly appreciated.

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Players on my server (Nitrado dedicated) are also reporting similar issues: artifacts (ice queen, labyrinth) not spawning in and no loot drops in caves (on Ragnarok and Island). Please come up with a fix for this. This has been an issue since Extinction's release, amongst so many other things!

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