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Can't load single player with custom multipliers

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So I started a single player game while I wait for US servers to show up, and I changed a few multipliers to level up a bit faster and harvest a bit more.

Stoped playing for a bit, and when I came back, the game loaded without any multipliers activated. Everything reset to the default values, meaning all points I invested with multipliers, went back to being their default levels ( had a 300 weight limit that changed back to 190, and so on).


Am I doing anything wrong? The multipliers are just as I left them on the game creation screen, and not on their default levels. 


Thanks in advance.

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Update 2: happened again. IDK why, but it did. Entered single player, after deleting the save file from the switch and starting again, and all values we're reset to default multipliers. Weight limit was reduced, speed andmax health as well. Can't play on US servers, single player has this issue. IDK what to do.


Update: deleted the save file from the switch, started a new one. Just erasing single player data from the game menu was not enough. It looks like values are now being saved.


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Sadly they have never fixed this issue or the constant game crash in Single player mode. Add the two together and you have an ultra annoying process:


Sea of death (all you can see is water which is normally followed by pending doom). 

Force a save (hopefully, but this 9 times out of 10 speeds up the crash).

Reload game

Log in

reset all settings (no all but a lot) which are not saved for some reason (over half of all settings seem to have this issue)

load game - see how much progression was lost

Wait for the next crash (keep manually saving when you have done something significant).

Live die crash and repeat.


I have the PC version and have played PC a lot. Bought Switch version despite the bad reviews because I like being able to play on the hotel TV when away (which is a lot).


I understand (but still hate the fact) that DLC's are none-existent but please..... I beg you...… fix what you started Wild Card. Would you see this many issues with Mario cart...absolutely not so it really shows everything about integrity. It is clearly not a working solution, loads of bugs and yet only ever one single patch????

Full priced game should at least command fixes to existing content No?


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