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Spawn entries for extinction items/creatures

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Ayo, so I’ll try to stay simple with this. I’m creating a server for ark on ragnarok in a few days, I already know how to add abberation creatures and items into the game, however I haven’t seen anything so far in doing the same with extinction. I have been able to spawn all the things through admin commands, but of course I’d rather not have to do that all the time.

so if anyone found anything or finds anything, I’d appreciate the help and I’d give you a digital cookie ^o^

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I'm working on getting the spawn entries right. Once I manage that I'll be sure to come back and copy them down here for you. 




That's for the Island, edit accordingly for rag :3

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Oooo well that’s perfect. I can easily use this along with codes I already have for ragnarok. 


*gives you a digital cookie* thank you so much ^o^ maybe you can play on my server later lmao. 


Also. Would you happen to have any of the codes for unlocking engrams/items from extinction? I think that’s all I’d need then.

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