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If i need to add any other tags let me know^ however i just randomly had some idea's for ark that im not sure if anyone else has had. these ideas i can see could easily be put in via mods however i play on ps4 :(   and i think these ideas could be incorporated fairly easily and even fit within the lore of the game itself,heres some ideas i might add to this if i get any more and if anyone else has some odd out of the box ideas of things to add please feel free to add as well ❤️


1: CLOAKS: this is an interesting thing that hit me after the second but fits being the first idea, what if they added "cloaks"  they will be a wearable item that can go in the shield or offhand slot, that act as a "wearable tent". it should be available across all arks however there should be one for every armor set and they should have different effects as they go up, however to balance them every cloak should make it to where u cant use weapons or tools, for instance "cloth cloak"  will protect u from the basic elements, like sand storms, hot weather cold weather "but only barely". next is "hide cloak" which will protect against sand storms, weather conditions like heat and cold a bit better, the hunger damage in the wasteland of extinction.  next will be "ghilli  cloak"  this can stack with the ghilli armor and make you even harder to spot and ofc balancing will be the fact you still cant use weapons or items while using the cloak.  (ghilli cloak will still protect like the hide cloak against environmental elements).  then comes "fur cloak"   this one i didn't think about too much but basically guarantees survival in the coldest such as ragnarock's freezing tundra , however will over heat you in the desert.  then for the "riot cloak"  it could be sort of an "ambush proof cloak"  you can wear this if your not looking for a fight, keeps you super protected but you still cant fight back or even make it to where when you crouch you gain like 90% damage reduction so your like a dodic you cant be harmed once ur in your shell XD then whoever attacks you gets bored and walks away.    for the "scuba cloak" it could help (like the ghilli)  keep agro off you but for water creatures, and also improve swimming on top of the scuba suit and such. 

last but not least (unless i missed any) is "TEK cloak" this one outta be expensive and have all of the effects of the other cloaks, including an actual "cloak field" which turns u invisible!

this idea alone might be a bit much they could just add one of the cloaks or none if they think its stupid but i like the idea ❤️ if any modders already have this then well... you beat me to the punch XD  if not then feel free to use my idea.    the cloaks could have like an option to lets say double tap triangle and "take them off" or not really unequipped them as much as simply put them in a state where you no longer get their benefits but can use weapons and items .  if the devs do decide to make this in their game they could make a cool animation when you "remove cloak" or simply change their state, where your character grabs it and flings it off like an anime character reveal xD.  but then double tap triangle just has them pull it out of nowhere and sling it back on. i think that would be a funny little thing to add, cool like how when you equip the pick or hatchet they throw it up and catch it.  just an idea tho on to the next.

2: CRAFTABLE BOSS SHOULDER PETS:  or a cuter name could be "tek pets". and hear me out because this might sound op or not lore friendly but it can be. if you've seen the tek cave on the island you saw how the dragon and other bosses were simulations somewhat, or at least not really real animals, they give u element after you kill them so i assumed they were made. well what if in your tek engrams you got an engram named "tek pets" and when you went in your replicator, there was a folder labeled as such.  there will be an engram for every boss in ark, (maybe not the titans)  but when you craft them you get an "egg"   you need to hatch this egg (this can be as difficult or as long as however you feel like it should be )  and once it hatches you get a super small baby boss of whatever you chose to craft, but its asleep "unconscious" and once you feed it element (full element dust or shards) it will wake up.  im talking baby shoulder pet size, and once it grows up to full size (feeding it like you would any baby but instead with element) it will only be big enough to ride on your shoulder, depending on the boss they will have different attacks. 

Dragon:  will breathe small puffs of fire setting your enemy ablaze.

brood mother: will shoot web slowing enemies down and even biting doing poison damage or inflicting diseases.

megapithicus (or big foot or whatever he is XD):  can summon smaller little ankle punching baby yetis or big foots that will annoy and even damage enemies (ground enemies) or even just body block enemies from getting to you, but wont body block you just in case of bad door positions or something.

Manticore: (which is my fave creature in all of ark btw) can shoot tranq arrow lvl (or darts whichever you prefer)  ranged spine like attacks like he does. and can help you tame (saving you tranq darts or arrows or whatever your using in the long run ) whatever it is your taming .  

Rockwell:  this one is more or less just a  bit of a joke, he could be wrapped around u with tentacles and offer protection as well as electrocuting anything that hits you making you kinda like the arthropleura or "centipede" you know when you attack them you get damaged too?  thats the idea.

overseer:  this one could be really really expensive. because this could be really op.  the idea is you wear it and it removes all your cloths and anything you have equipped. but gives you the ability to transform in to the bosses and play as a dragon or manticore or brood just like the overseer did (i know it didn't transform in to the manticore i just wanna be the manticore lol ) .  or you could scan  dinos and turn in to them (but thats probably ALLOT OF WORK for the devs to incorporate for one idea so maybe just the bosses).

if they really like this idea and want to do the titans and the king titan forms as well then awesome!  but i just really really want a pet manticore thats all i ever want xD. 

thats it for my ideas for right now. feel free to add weird out of the box ideas like this.  i would really love it if the devs could see this or even consider it an option, i mean in reality if you can make your own cloths in ark why not cloaks? and if you get the alien tech why not replicate the bosses like they did (i might be wrong here i did not fully understand the story i think but i think its lore friendly) . either way its just an idea i would love to see on ps4 one day, i know they have to go through Sony (which is just awful btw if no one knew)  so it might happen after the world ends but its ok!  ill be spawning manticores in on my cliff house in the island so i can watch the non existent sun set until the next update <3 

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