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Lost structure/animal ownership after transfer

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I don't know what is going on. I use ASM and have transfers enabled (These servers are NOT clustered, I cant use that due to router issues)


I have been playing an extinction game that I run on my own dedicated server due to the SP spawning issues. I had been playing an extinction game that I started from scratch with. I realized about the whole cant learn scorched earth engrams. Fine. 


I uploaded my character to a city terminal, spawned into a clean scorched map with my character, learned the needed engrams, made my way to an obelisk and uploaded my character back.


Restarted the extinction game, downloaded my character no problem, but here is where it gets weird.


When I go to spawn in the map I SEE MY BEDS on the map. That means the game "remembered" my ownership right?


But when I spawn, I actually spawn wherever the map spawn listing selection was and NOT my base. If I make my way back to the base, It's like it is owned by someone else. Doors are locked cant open anything and ALL the animals say "claimable in xx:xx"  What the heck???


Thank goodness I zipped up the game directory before I attempted this so I have restored it prior to the transfer attempt, but I don't get what is going on..... 

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If that happens you have a few options to get your stuff back.

cheat TakeTribe <- gives you all the tribe structures and dinos

cheat givetome <- gives you dino, structure you're looking at

cheat GiveAllStructure <- gives you the ownership of the structure you're looking at and all connected parts 

not the most elegant way, but if you are the admin, the easiest way. 

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