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Xbox needs new servers for newcomers

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This game deleted my level 85 character before the launch of the game, so i could never get back into it. Please start up new servers regularly while regulary taking down old ones. Is it too much to ask to have new a new server or two start up once a month? And then let your player base know when they will launch? Id like to get back into the game and buy the new DLC but i dont wanna start the DLC being at level 1 again. I wouldnt mind starting fresh day 1 of new servers again, itll add to your player base, people dont wanna come back after they get wiped and have to build under alpha tribes that dont let you build up, or ones that do let you build up and then wipe you because they think its funny to waste hundreds of hours of peoples lives. Please Wildcard release new servers, even for the old maps the center and ragnarok are my personal favorites, but the only active servers currently are on day 5000+ which is no fun for a newbie to want to come into or get back into.

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