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No Titan Official Servers ???

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I started plaing new DLC when it came out on PS4, realese was delayed than servers was unplayable for 2 days but its ok we went thru that, new servers came out we started on new fresh server from day one, we did good base high in metal pillars inside the City, a lot of dino to defense and turets, but than something happend one of tribes tamed desert titan, after 2 days of existing new server someone tamed a creature that has totaly no counterplay at this moment of game and my queistion is there will be some official servers without tamingable titans ? its not good at PVP i understand that maybe to megatribes that have milions of turets adn dinos is a challenge to fight titam in PVP but we started 2 days ago ho can i deal with this FLYING Titan, he soak everything without any damage and funnier thing that u can heal him, iam 100% sure that he could raid all bases straigth without healing or doing anything, its just wrong to make these tameable, even tho we build high that thing can fly by and just rekt us without sweating


PS: U CAN TAME DESERT WITH OWLS THAT ON SMALL TRIBES TAMING IS LIKE A 15MIN AND FOREST THAT U DONT NEED ACTUALY ANYTHING BUT WYVERS THAT SPWANS THERE HAHA :D Regular boses was unballanced after a lot of breeding op rexes u could do them, the op creatures than wipe servers need nothing to tame them.... GJ WC

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